I was brought in as design consultant for a church fundraising campaign. Recognizing the impact high-quality design has on the involvement process, Lamb of God Lutheran Church desired marketing materials that would encourage members to be involved in the donation process leading up to construction of additional worship and education facilities. The campaign featured many cross-media elements over several years of planning and execution.

Once a name and identity had been developed with participation of a committee, a color palette incorporating orange and green was created for the campaign–taking into account the Autumn launch but wanting to infuse themes “growth” in the midst of a typical brown season. Illustrative elements reflecting this growth theme were also added, creating endless combinations to identify separate marketing elements but keeping everything within a cohesive campaign.

Postcards and invitations were mailed out in anticipation of the main event. Posters were designed. Banners were hung. A member picnic celebration marked the beginning of the campaign. The large informative brochure focused on campaign details and also incorporated an interactive DVD. An accompanying 2-week Bible study booklet was distributed to all members. Campaign elements were expanded to include newsletter updates and website banner advertisements.

Our creative solution to involve members even further was through the use of branded key fobs. Each Sunday for five weeks members were given a laminated key fob and were encouraged to place this on their key ring. The front served as a reminder of the campaign while the back contained a prayer relevant to that week’s Sunday message. Over the course of the week, members were reminded to be involved in the important campaign through prayer. For those wanting an alternative to the key fobs, an index card with all five prayers was available.

Over several months members were reminded of the importance of the fundraising campaign and were encouraged to be involved. The sophistication of design reinforced a memorable message and the level of member involvement ensured this was not just any church activity.
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