San Francisco, California

Design by Noah Jeppson // Media Objectives // Valerio Dewalt Train

Project Description:
Organized by IIDA San Francisco City Center, Scene Local is one of San Francisco’s largest creative design events of the year. The event brings together local manufacturers, craftsmen, designers and artists. The design team at Valerio Dewalt Train created a dynamic scene based around the "San Francisco in 2050" theme. With less than 7 hours to assemble all of the pieces, strict coordination was required to time graphic, carpet, lighting, and furniture installation. The event was attended by over 500 industry professionals over two days. 
Project Statement: 
"Local Connections"
As technology evolves, futuristic visions from the 1950s have become everyday reality in 2050. Autonomous transportation has become the norm, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Headed to the office? Summon an on-demand executive office or eclectic meeting room. Leaving town? Enjoy a cozy living space, family activity room, or mobile yoga studio. Upon arrival at your destination the local transit hub serves as a landmark gathering place, allowing for impromptu work spaces and areas for play. Your city’s streets — free of congestion and pollution — have been adapted to serve as dynamic public spaces for exploration, innovation, and interventions of nature. 
Our scene creates a vision of this neighborhood transit hub and poses three questions: 
What does the autonomous transportation experience of the future look like? 
How does the transportation center of the future function? 
What role does design play on the streets of a smart city?​​​​​​​
Our design includes a playful plaza, waiting platform, and executive travel pod waiting to whisk you away to your destination.
“Scene Local is a great opportunity to connect with local designers and be challenged to create a dynamic space showcasing their products to the commercial design community. Our team enjoyed experimenting with different materials and the end result was a scene full of color and texture that people wanted to interact with.” Noah Jeppson
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