San Francisco, California

Design by Noah Jeppson & Team // ASD|SKY // Autodesk

Project Description:
Design inspiration for the new 4-level space for Autodesk in San Francisco came from surrounding urban neighborhood POPOS (Privately Owned Public Open Spaces). Circulation paths referenced alleyways, breakout areas resembled wood-clad parklets, and painted murals covered walls similar to street art. We worked closely with the Architect to integrate custom graphics and artwork throughout all areas of the space. Utilizing a vibrant brand palette, each floor contains a portion of the color spectrum that serves as a wayfinding opportunity. Use of gradient with the client’s brand pattern leads visitors and employees from elevator lobbies into the work space. A custom icon set applied to directional signage points the way to conference rooms and key amenity spaces. The clean forms and materials of the signs increase readability at key decision points. Over thirty-five custom graphics created by the team add a layer of interest within the office and all-hands space. Bold wall graphics merge nature images with San Francisco neighborhood landmarks, activating the game room and alleys leading to breakout parklet areas. Within conference rooms hand-sketched wall graphics reference each room’s name and add a soft touch of color. Working with the client, our team commissioned five artists to create artwork for key gallery walls and a large circulation stair connecting all spaces.

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